Faith :

I will give you a glimpse of what I believe. Beyond that feel free to contact me and ask questions.

I guess you could say that I am a Non-Denominational Christian, if you have to place a label on it. I believe in the gifts of healing, prophecy, tongues and their interpretation, and whatever gift God chooses to use that is found in I Corinthians 12:8-10. I believe prayer is a powerful thing. The Bible is not to be taken for bits and pieces, but as a whole. Whether you agree or not the Bible is for today.

Testimony :

I have been raised in a Christian home. I am the only child of 4 that was born into a Christian family. When my parents found out that they were having another child it was a surprise to them and they believed that I was a gift from God. Thus this is where I got my name, Charity. My mom had originally thought I was going to be a boy, so my name was set to be Joshua. One night they were singing worship songs and the name Charity was in one of the songs, and this is when my mom felt that God told her I was going to be a girl and that I was a gift from God to show them how much He loved them.

I will say that I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was too young to remember the details. I associate being prayed for as the moment I accepted Jesus into my heart. In actuality it is possible that this is when I realized that God was real. I was very sick when I was about 3 years old. My parents say that I had hallucinations of being chased by frogs. ;) Odd, I know. I remember someone from the church coming over and placing oil on my forehead and praying over me. This is my memory of accepting Jesus into my heart. My parents say that I accepted Jesus the day after, when I was healed. But my belief is that even though I was young I realized the healing power of God in my life. I recognized that something more powerful had healed me.

I grew up and basically took my beliefs as a way of life. I went to a private school, went to church Sundays and Wednesdays, I lived an ordinary Christian life. It wasn't till I turned 16 that I realized that I needed to build my relationship with God. I needed to become closer, and rely more on His guidance in my life, and that my life was not my own, I was put on this earth to follow after Him. I rededicated my life at youth group and had now made the choice to live my adult life for God.

I went through my rebellious stage. I reached college and wanted to go out and explore the 'gothic' world. What a contrast huh? I don't know why it intrigued me so much. To this day, I still find the music and clothing interesting. But even then I realized the vision for my ministry. And no it's not to reach the 'gothic' world, actually something completely different. When I graduated high school, living in the high desert you realize that there weren't many places to go that your parents would feel secure about letting you out late at night. It made me start to think of having a spot where you could go to see live bands, play pool, video games, skateboard, swim, roller-skate/blade, and just hang out in a cool atmosphere. This became a large idea. I even drew up floor plans just for fun, had decorating ideas already planned out, and then I realized that there was no way I could do this and that I was just a kid, how could I go about doing it. My dad told me to hold onto that desire and vision and that God must have birthed it into me and it would just take time to come into affect.

God continues to work in my life. And I will continue to try and live my life for Him.