Occupation :

Below is a listing of the jobs I have or have had... Kind of like a current resume.

1/2010 - current.
I work at ActiveLAMP as the Office Manager. I really enjoy my job! I wear a lot of hats but it's a perfect fit for me. I help with Quality Assurance, Administrative duties and even do data entry. I'm there to help in any capacity I can. I will eventually move into Project Management once I get more familiar with Drupal Technology which is what they primarily work with.
1998 - current.
My brother Brian is currently in the process of changing the business name from scidco to drivenIT. I currently do contract web development for his clients. But I have worked for his company full time, part time and on a contract basis since 1998. My hope is to someday come back on board full time and take over the office management.
9/2006 - 2/2009
I worked for Alliance Payment Technologies in their merchant support center. I told myself I would never go back to support but this job was pretty much handed to me on a silver platter! I didn't even apply for it, they sought me out. I moved into the Compliance Specialist role once I earned my AAP Certification. Sadly my entire department was laid off due to an issue that the company couldn't recover from.

linkLINE Communications, Inc.
2/2003 - 7/2006

I worked at linkLINE Communications as the Billing Manager. I started out in tech support in 2003, troubleshooting issues with customers dial up, dsl, email, or web hosting access. I was then promoted to Lead Tech. Not long after that I was requested to go to the billing department and help them out. Soon I was promoted to Billing Manager. I was laid of July 2006 because of "financial hardships".

2/2002 - 2/2003
Lane Bryant was a great place to work. I worked there in 2002. They changed my appearance for the better. I enjoyed working there but the income was not enough to keep up with the bills. But the discount and freebies kept me happy while I worked there.
12/2001 - 12/2002
Bath & Body was also a great place to work! I worked there the same timeframe as Lane Bryant. I loved relating with the customers and was soon the "Salt Scrub Queen" because I did a good job of demonstrating the salt scrubs on my weekend shifts. Again I enjoyed working there but it just couldn't pay the bills. I am now an avid purchaser of their products!
6/1998 - 8/2001
I worked at Integrity Online for my dad when they had different branches. He owned the Southern California branch. I was hired on knowing little about technical support and owe a lot of my experience to them. I was soon recognized for my graphics and was promoted to Graphic Artist. The owners decided to merge the branches and move the central office to Mississippi and so I was laid off I think it was 2001.
7/1996 - 8/1998
My very first job fresh out of highschool back in 1996 was for the Tennis Shop at the Spring Valley Lake Country Club. I cleaned the courts, set up court reservations, worked on the tennis tournaments and pretty much sat around and watched TV. It was great. I worked there till I got the offer to work with my dad at Integrity Online in 1998.